“The Embrace of the Amazon” will follow Philip Lhamsuren’s expedition in the most picturesque, hard-to-reach and obscure parts of the Brazilian jungle, the Rio Negro and Rio Amazonas. He will venture on this extended risky journey on his own, using only human power and his own survival skills, covering the distance by foot, bike and motorless canoe.

The Embrace of the Amazon

Along the Amazon 2015

Equipped with only the bare essentials Philip sets off from the small fishing village of Kanoa on the Pacific Ocean coast, crosses the Andes and heads into the Amazon jungle with an Indian canoe. The river is everything – food, bed, road and direction. This is what the locals believe, people who depend only on what nature provides and on each other. Waterside communities are an unpredictable lot – they could sell you food or show their aggressive side. Many of them have never seen a foreigner and regard any stranger on the river as a devil looking for gold or other valuable resources hidden in their land. The jungle and the river become Philip’s haven. Although his canoe is overturned on several occasions and his arm is badly injured after a severe collision, he discovers the loving face of the Amazon. Unfortunately he also discovers a much more dangerous reality – the war between locals, the drug trade, the military and the petrol companies. After a brief encounter and skirmish with drug traffickers he is left with only a small portion of his equipment and the renewed will to continue. A month-long bout of poor health ensues and, after a several unpleasant incidents he loses his canoe. In an intense internal struggle, the impulse to wrap up the expedition gets the upper hand. Finally, at the border between Colombia and Brazil he puts an end to his mission.

Amazonia 2018 – the return

Passing through rivers, lakes and tropical rainforests, Philip is bound to meet little known tribes which have preserved their unique, ancient ways of life, and, of course, numerous wildlife species. The story of his journey will be recorded by a local operator at strategic points along the route, by a local photograph who will support travel logistics and by Philip’s action camera.

{ my solo expedition trough the Amazon jungle will be available to you thanks to Sony Action camera }

The film…

… will offer its viewers a unique perspective on the unspoilt nature of the Amazon rainforest with its unparalleled diversity of endemic plants and animals and will reveal the determination of man to immerse himself in this immense jungle of danger and beauty. We will delve deeper into this fascinating world by getting to know the traditional way of life in the jungle – that of the Indian tribes, and of those who keep pushing them further into the rainforest – the settlers. 

{ local photographer and friend of Philip’s, responsible for the logistics of the expedition }

The expedition

“The Embrace of the Amazon” is a one-of-a-kind expedition and its successful completion will raise the bar for the human spirit. 

{ 2018 the Amazon jungle is awaiting to wrap me in its embrace/looking forward to share the Amazon embrace with you }