Pancharevo Night Run


The monthly run from the Trail Series calendar took place on May 13th. This was my time on a Pancharevo Night Run – May usually sees me travelling somewhere along the forgotten roads of the world. The start was scheduled for 9:00 p.m., each participant was required to bring a torch and headlamp. I spend the hours before the start in vigorous pedalling on my Pulse bike, then, shortly after 7:00 p.m. I descended from Vitosha Mountain tired and hungry. Hurriedly swapping cycling spikes for running shoes I rushed to the starting line surrounded by a dozen fresh and smiley runners. The total distance was 18 kilometres with 570 metre elevation gain. Although the distance was not particularly challenging, I found myself struggling for the last portion before the final descent. I was forced to walk some of the way as my legs simply refused to run. Such lousy shape is very much out of line with the training programme I have planned for the year. The truth is that the lack of proper food and a consistent sleep routine will inevitably have its impact. It would be naive of me to rest on the laurels of past achievements – over the last month the chaos of the city and the stress of organising my Amazon expedition have proved overwhelming. I no longer felt like the person who can hike and paddle for weeks on end while seriously undernourished. In other words, I did not feel happy. Once again I was reminded how difficult it is to find opportunities to be alone in the city. In nature, where only a handful of things really matter, this is never an issue; it is precisely this simplicity that gives me such a sense of freedom …

I clench my teeth and cross the finish line in 01:55:41, but time is of no importance moment. This night run has reminded me how brittle I am and how easy it is to lose my path.

Run in the dark without a light, spend some time alone in the sea or the forest, immerse yourself in your own world surrounded by nothing but the line of the horizon and your own thoughts. Life will be become simpler and happiness will be yours.

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  • Pancharevo Night Run